The Promo Product Expo 2020

The event that enhances a start-to-finish reselling experience…

21 Jul - 22 Jul 2020 from 9am to 4pm

Exclusively aimed at resellers and related businesses, the Promo Products Event 2020 is a fresh new expo that brings focus to the full supply chain network – from sourcing right through to customers.

Start conversations. Make business happen. Expand your reach. Invigorate existing relationships. Create your new success story.

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Providing all the advice, insight and connections that resellers and related businesses need.


Encompassing a varied selection of seminars and activities from industry leaders.

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The Promo Product Expo provides the ideal platform for resellers and related businesses.

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The Promo Product Expo - the only event that explores the start-to-finish reselling experience, be sure to book your stand.

A world class event

Boost your brand exposure

Join the 99% of exhibitors that found unique value delivered by trade shows other other marketing channels. Get involved in our value-added marketing campaign to broaden your reach.

Create new business opportunities

77% of execs found at least on new supplier at the last show they attended. This is your chance to become a positive statistic.

Build that sales pipeline

Make prospective sales into a reality with the power of face-to-face communication.

Make a splash in the market

Launch a new product to the entire industry, stand out amongst your competitors through sponsorship, or share compelling content. We’ve got the right opportunity for your business.

The Promo Product Expo brings you…

an opportunity to tell your brand story and learn from others - in the Seminar Theatres
the best platform to launch new products and services to the market - in one place, at one time
a chance to be part of a ‘bigger picture’ marketing initiative
Paper Plane
a hub of interactive experiences where visitors can connect, create, brand and compete
a new product display where you can shine the brightest spotlight on your newest products

The Promo Product Expo Features

Promo product expo 2020

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"A lot of our business is done online, telephonically, or through e-mail, so this type of event is the one time in a year where you actually get to meet your clients, especially out-of-town clients. We’ve really broadened our range of clothing, so the feedback received this year from visitors has been good. "

"This type of event is critical – its gets you face-to-face with your customers, with your sales teams, and is invaluable. Everything still comes down to relationships."

"It’s very important to be here, because we get to understand clients’ needs and wants, and their direction. The show is also good for networking; it allows industry leaders to get together and share ideas and products, and discuss issues there may be in the industry."