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Lizzard South Africa

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Founded in 1991, Lizzard initially focused on the design and manufacture of wetsuits but soon branched out into other product areas and by 1995 was producing original boardshorts and tee shirts. Lizzard has since grown to incorporate a vast collection of unique surf, street, skate and snow gear as well as a ladies range branded Lizzy which embraces the free spirited, freedom loving and independent thinking philosophy of Lizzard with a female slant. Lizzard and Lizzy target 14 to 24 year olds but our products extend broader than this including a children’s range.

Lizzard and Lizzy products are positioned strongly in independent retailers and feature prominently in core action sports media including magazines, mobile platforms and websites around the world. Early advertising featured illustrated characters that portrayed the brand’s lifestyle ethos in a creative, imaginative and sometimes humorous fashion; this helped Lizzard position itself in a very competitive surfwear market. Currently Lizzard’s advertising includes a combination of high profile riders, fresh product and action pics while Lizzy features fun loving girls in exotic locations entwined with creative artwork and fun design.

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Chris Hill Jones

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031 374 8411


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2nd Floor, Lizzard Building 190 Matthews Meyiwa Rd



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South Africa